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Introduction - general description and milestones


The project work plan includes seven interrelating work packages as shown in the following graph. The technological developments in the work program will focus on paint systems that are most relevant according the economy, safety and environmental impact of ships. Although the relevance depends on the vessel type the main area of interest will be ballast tanks, cargo holds, underwater area and superstructure.


WP1 - Development of advanced paint systems


The objective of this work package is to support the development and evaluation of advanced marine paint systems in order to meet the requirements of the yard, the shipowner and international regulations and standards. The formulation of new paint systems is the domain of paint companies and a close co-operation will be ensured by the user group which has been established during the ECOPAINT project. EcoDock doesn?t have the capability to develop a new paint but will provide supporting research and basic knowledge on issues that have been identified as most relevant for the yards. This will include research on new polymer binders, anti-corrosion effecting of paint pigments, film formation and solvent entrapment and properties of paints based on nano-composites.


WP2 - Application technologies for advanced paint systems


The performance of marine coatings at vessels in service depends on the quality and conditions achieved in the new building process. Long-term experience, including a consideration of the individual production environment at the yard, plays an important role for the introduction of new paint systems. Introduction of new paint systems like high volume solid or waterborne systems require furthermore modifications of the production processes. The objectives of this work package are benchmarking and test of coating systems and  specification and evaluation of surface preparation and paint application technologies for advanced paint systems in order to achieve best product performance in different production environment. Both newbuilding state, onboard maintenance and repair work will be considered. This work package will also include field trials at test panels and preparation of test plates for further investigation in WP3, WP4 and WP5.


WP3 - Performance assessment of advanced paint systems


This work package will develop and establish standardised test methods and criteria for quality assessment of marine paints. The work will focus on anti-corrosion testing in ballast tanks and cargo holds, anti-fouling properties of the ship hull and the optical appearance of the superstructure. Available test methods are mostly focused on ship new building. The work package will investigate the coating performance also for ship in operation and ship repair.


WP4 - Assessment of health and safety conditions for marine paints


Almost all coating materials in the shipyards contain hazardous components. WP4 analyses the effects and improvements of advanced coating materials and application technologies on the working conditions. The WP defines and develops a respective measurement methodology, performs measurements during the production process, and then defines requirements to improve operational safety. A key issue to improve the working conditions is the optimisation of ventilation systems to be addressed in this work package.


WP5 - Assessment of environmental influence of advanced paint systems


This work package provides information on the short-term environmental impact of shipyard processes regarding distribution of anti-fouling biocides in the environment. These examinations will be complemented by the development of a method for the determination of biocide leach rates from anti-fouling paints. This method will help to quantify the environmental impact of anti-fouling paints on water and sediment during production and operation. Further, the waste management at the shipyards will be analysed to improve the processes regarding less environmental impact.


WP6 - Specification of computer supported coating management system for vessel life cycle


Coating activities and the coating products have come under increasing scrutiny over recent years for shipowner and shipyards. However, most of the related activities are paper-based and only partly supported by computer systems. The objective of this work package is the development of a modular software tool supporting coating activities during the ship life cycle. The tool will extend the functionality of existing software (Production and Resource Planning, Ship Management Systems etc.) and could cover e.g.


life cycle management
inspection management
maintenance management
selection strategies.


The exact modules developed will reflect the particular shipyard needs. It will build on the work carried out under the ECOPAINT project, which has led to the commercialisation of VOC Manager and the ongoing development of Tender Manager.


WP7 - European Coating Management Platform


This work package will disseminate the research result and stimulate the information exchange between parties involved in the marine coating process. It will establish user groups for shipowners, yards, classification societies, paint companies and equipment suppliers. The communication of this group will be supported through the development of a European Marine Coating Management Portal providing access to coating related information and activities. Periodic workshops will be organised in order to involve and consult external experts from the beginning of the project.


News / Events

Final Ecodock Review Meeting

25 April 2007


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Final Ecodock User Group Meeting

24/25 April 2007


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PCE and Safinah


Perfomance Standards for Ballast Tank Coatings

26 February 2007


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Korrosionschutz in der maritimen Technik

24/25 Januar 2007


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ASTM meeting

Wednesday January 24 2007 - Friday January 26 2007

Ft. Lauderdale, FL US

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5th ECODOCK User Group Meeting

7th November, 2006

Pardubice, CZ


XIV International Conference on Mechanics of Composite Materials

29th May - 2nd June, 2006

Riga, LV

Please find further information and the agenda here.


Marine Coating Management Seminar

3rd - 5th May 2006,

Chesterfield Hotel,



Partners from the project present at

Green Ship Technology

29th & 30th March 2006,

Hamburg Marriott Hotel, Hamburg,



4th User Group Meeting

was held in Papenburg, D

21st March 2006


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